Sorry About the Sapphires

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I’ll tell ya something…being kitty parents for a mere month has given me a whole new perspective of love I never understood, and it has also made me realize the kind of parent I will be. I also learned really quickly not to post questions or “controversial” pix on Facebook. Damn you, FB.

I’ve learned that I love having a cuddle monster next to me, but that I also enjoy space.

That I have an obnoxious baby voice but that I also talk to them like they understand me (I swear they do).

That I’m a firm but gentle disciplinarian when called for.

That I care a great deal about nutrition and what goes in my loved ones bodies. I already know that I’ll want to breastfeed a child, at least for the first 6 months or so (hard to pre-plan that kind of thing). My sweet Leia keeps nuzzling her head into my chest, and I know it’s bc they were abandoned and never had the bond with their mom. It breaks my heart, and I would like to create that particular bond with any future baby we have.

That I am NOT a cry-it-out parent. It’s one thing if they’re mewing at the door at night bc they want to play. Ignore. But when there’s real agony mewing like there was when we took them to the vet or when my husband put them in the crates this morning? (The only way to get the lawn mower and extension cords into the respective yards is through the house, and their door knob is busted.) I heard the actual loud plaintive meows and ran into their room. Luke was just scared while Leia was frantically jabbing her paw out through the wire door. I sat and talked to calm them down, and finally just let them out while I sat against the door. We’ve been leaving the crates upstairs with the doors off so they know it doesn’t have to be a scary thing. But being put in them in a shut room? Scary! I couldn’t let them go through that. My husband didn’t mean any harm and he did finish quickly, but he’s so going to Home Depot soon to get a new knob (that locks from the outside). We will eventually be permanently opening the bathroom doors and the other spare room whenever one of us is in there, but the master and laundry room will always be shut. I need a place to breathe (allergies) and our laundry room is genuinely hazardous for small creatures.

That I will take millions of pix of benign moments that make me wanna cry yet try to hold back on the oversharing so not to annoy my friends.

That I will learn who my real friends are by those who don’t judge my parenting style and enjoy my updating (or have learned to scroll quickly/unfollow and don’t report me to crazy cat lady or STFU parents blogs.)